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   (Site expanded to include a 'Demolition' photo gallery )

The idea for the site came about with the closure of the Alcan plant in Burntisland in December 2002, which had existed since 1917 and was owned until 1983 by the British Aluminium Co. Ltd. The aim is to display some of the photographic material which provides a record of the construction, expansion and operation of the plant, and to this end the site currently consists of 2 BACo/Alcan photo galleries as detailed below.


This gallery contains a selection of images from the British Aluminium Co. photographic archive which was compiled from original prints and negatives (glass plate, acetate/celluloid) dating from 1917 up to the 1970's. Many photographs in this section are undated and some are unidentified - if you can supply information about any of the images please use the feedback form or send me an e-mail


This gallery contains a selection of images taken in and around the Alcan plant in Burntisland, mainly during the period 2000 to 2003, but with occasional images from the previous ten years. All photographs were taken by myself and are predominantly of digital origin with others scanned from 35mm slides/negatives.

There is also a selection of short video clips that were mainly taken towards the end of 2002, before the factory ceased production. In order to view the video clips you will need to have the Quicktime plugin installed on your computer. This can be downloaded from here (without iTunes). Quicktime troubleshooting help can be found here.


The newest addition to the website shows the demolition of the Alcan factory at Burntisland. This process was completed in early 2004 and the site has since been remediated in accordance with current best practice and all statutory requirements. Collinswell Land ltd are the developers for the former Alcan site and details of the proposed redevelopment can be found on their website -


Assorted images from my collection both digital and scanned from 35mm film. The images in this gallery are all from in and around Burntisland and include a number of photographs taken by my father who was a lifelong resident of the town. The railway images have been captioned without the benefit of my fathers encyclopaedic knowledge of 'things rail related' and may therefore be less than 100% accurate ! If you can add info/corrections please use the feedback form


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