I am an amateur photographer, living in Fife, Scotland. I have been taking photographs for almost 40 years, generally of anything that catches my eye. I started off with a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera and shot both prints and slides (occasionally with the help of Magicubes!) before graduating to a Canon SLR after using 35mm compact cameras for a few years. In the early days of digital cameras I moved away from 35mm to take advantage of the convenience of the new technology but, in hindsight, I wish I had either waited or used 35mm as a backup as looking back at the early digital images the relatively poor image quality is now very apparent.

I first created a website in 2013 after the closure of the Alcan Chemicals factory Burntisland, where I was employed at the time. Having taken photographs in and around the site for several years I had a couple of hundred pictures of the plant and some of the people that worked there. In the final days before the doors were closed for good I unearthed a collection of glass plate and acetate negatives that had been taken at various times since the factory was first built in 1918. The website was intended to provide a partial record of some of the stages of the evolution of the factory site, right through to the demolition and subsequent construction of a housing estate on the reclaimed land. I have always intended to update the website but it has taken me until now, 16 years after the first version, to actually get round to making it happen.

As in the original website, I have included collections of landscape images, railway photographs (some taken by my late father, John S. McCracken) and other assorted photos - I hope you find something of interest in among the various galleries.

At present I have not yet figured out how to get the 'Contact Form' email to function correctly but until then I can be reached at 'ianrwm@gmail.com' should you wish.

Thanks for visiting my website

Ian McCracken

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